2020 Allianz League Football Stats

  Monaghan Kerry Donegal Tyrone Meath
1 C Gleeson C Gleeson C Gleeson C Gleeson C Gleeson
2 J Duane J Duane S Kelly S Kelly S Kelly
3 S Mulkerrin S Mulkerrin S Mulkerrin S Mulkerrin S Mulkerrin
4 J Heaney J Heaney J Heaney J Heaney J Heaney
5 G O'Donnell G O'Donnell G O'Donnell G O'Donnell L Silke
6 J Daly J Daly J Daly L Silke J Daly
7 C McDaid C McDaid C McDaid C McDaid G O'Donnell
8 P Conroy R Steede R Steede R Steede R Steede
9 C D'Arcy C D'Arcy C D'Arcy C D'Arcy T Flynn
10 M Boyle E Brannigan F Ó Laoi E Brannigan E Brannigan
11 F Ó Laoi D Comer D Comer D Comer C D'Arcy
12 M Daly F Ó Laoi M Daly M Daly M Daly
13 R Finnerty R Finnerty R Finnerty R Finnerty Mt Farragher
14 S Walsh S Walsh S Walsh A Varley S Walsh
15 A Varley M Daly M Boyle S Walsh A Varley
Subs D Comer S Kelly R Ó Beolain T Flynn P Conroy
  E Brannigan M Tierney F Ó Laoi P Conroy G Bradshaw
  M Ó Bairead T Flynn C Campbell D Conneely R Finnerty
  L Costello L Costello A Varley C Campbell D Silke
  S Kelly A Varley P Conroy S A Ó Ceallaigh M Bairéád
Scorers S Walsh 0-6 S Walsh 1-4 S Walsh 0-4 S Walsh 1-8 S Walsh 0-7
  R Finnerty 1-1 E Brannigan 0-3 S Kelly 1-0 P Conroy 1-1 P Conroy 0-4
  G O'Donnell 0-1 J Heaney 1-0 J Heaney 1-0 A Varley 0-4 R Steede  1-1
  C D'Arcy 0-1 D Comer 0-2 R Finnerty 0-2 E Brannigan 0-4 M Daly 0-1
  P Conroy 0-1 C McDaid  0-1 M Daly 0-1 R Steede 0-3 E Brannigan 0-1
  M Ó Bairead 0-1 M Daly 0-1 D Comer 0-1 D Comer 0-2  
  D Comer 0-1     M Daly 0-2  
  F Ó Laoi 0-1     R Finnerty  0-1  
  A Varley 0-1        
  Galway  1-14 Galway 2-11 Galway 2-8 Galway 2-25 Galway 1-14
  Monaghan 0-16 Kerry 1-15 Donegal 2-7 Tyrone 0-12 Meath 1-12


2020 Allianz League Hurling

  Westmeath Limerick Tipperary Waterford Cork
1 E Murphy E Murphy J Skehill J Skehill E Murphy
2 D Morrissey S Loftus D Morrissey S Loftus D Morrissey
3 G McInerney G McInerney G McInerney G McInerney G McInerney
4 TJ Brennan TJ Brennan P Killeen D Morrissey S Loftus
5 J Coen P Mannion P Mannion P Mannion P Mannion
6 P Mannion S Cooney S Cooney S Cooney S Cooney
7 A Tuohey A Harte F Burke F Burke F Burke
8 S Linnane S Linnane J Coen C Mannion A Harte
9 T Haran A Tuohey A Harte A Tuohey C Mannion
10 D Kilcommins D Kilcommins C Mannion N Burke J Flynn
11 J Canning C Mannion C Whelan B Concannon N Burke
12 C Mannion J Canning E Niland T Haran A Tuohey
13 J Flynn J Flynn C Cooney S Bleahene B Concannon
14 C Whelan C Whelan J Flynn C Whelan C Whelan
15 J Mannion B Concannon B Concannon C Cooney C Cooney
Subs A Harte C Cooney S Loftus S Linnane D Burke
  S Bleahene S Bleahene A Tuohey J Flynn S Linnane
  T Monaghan D Burke D Burke C Walsh E Niland
  J Grealish P Killeen N Burke T J Brennan TJ Brennan
  P Killeen J Grealish K Cooney E Niland C Walsh
Scorers J Canning 0-12 J Canning 0-7 E  Niland 0-14 C Whelan 0-4 B Concannon 1-2
  T Haran 0-6 C Whelan 0-2 C Whelan  2-0 C Mannion 0-3 C Mannion 0-5
  C Whelan 1-0 C Cooney 0-1 B Concannon 0-4 T Haran  0-3 J Flynn  1-1
  C Mannion 0-3 S Cooney 0-1 C Mannion  1-0 E Niland  0-2 C Cooney 0-3
  S Linnane  0-1 A Harte 0-1 J Coen  0-1 B Concannon 0-2 N Burke 0-2
  S Bleahene 0-1 S Bleahene 0-1 C Cooney  0-1 S Loftus  0--1 E Niland  0-2
  T Monaghan 0-1 C Mannion 0-1 J Flynn  0-1 S Bleahene 0-1 A Harte  0-1
          A Tuohey 0-1
          D Burke 0-1
  Galway  1-24 Galway 0-14 Galway 3-21 Galway 0-16 Galway 2-18
  Westmeath 0-10 Limerick 1-19 Tipperary 3-13 Waterford 0-17 Cork 1-16


Communities right across the city and county are pulling together in wonderfully innovative ways to make life that little bit easier for people most affected by the pandemic, particularly those stuck at home cocooning. One organisation at the heart of the effort is the GAA, who through their clubs have made trojan efforts to help those most in need at this time. For many, the GAA is a huge social outlet and it's absence is hugely felt every day both at club and county level. At this time of the year we should be looking forward to another Championship season but that seems a long way off at the moment.

Paul Byrnes, former Executive Editor of GAA with RTE Sport and a native of Oranmore together with the recently appointed 'Community Champion' for Galway City Brendan Mulry have come up with an initiative to make a difference.

For the duration of the lockdown period a number of Galway hurling and football legends including 3-time All Ireland winning manager Cyril Farrell, All-Ireland winning captain Ray Silke, 2-time All-Ireland winning manager John O'Mahony and Joe Connolly who captained Galway to All-Ireland success in 1980 have all very kindly made themselves available to talk to GAA fans over the next few weeks who are cocooning. "We are very lucky to have the likes of Cyril, John, Ray and Joe on board who have given us so many magical and memorable moments in the maroon and white," said Paul Byrnes.

If you would like to receive a call from one of our legends or would like to arrange a call on behalf of a family member or friend just contact your 'Community Champion' Brendan Mulry on 087 2194243 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will arrange the calls over the coming weeks. Brendan Mulry said; "While there aren't any hard and fast rules, the focus is really on those fans who maybe need this most. Think of a parent or grandparent who is at home isolating who would love to chat all things GAA with a legend of the game."

Pat Kearney, Chairperson of Galway GAA said; "This a great idea at these unprecedented times. Galway great, Iggy Clarke who chairs our Health and Wellbeing Committee has done a huge amount of work in recent weeks taking calls from all over the county and is available if anybody want to get in touch with him. We are all hugely missing the GAA and look forward to the day when we can play our competitions again and the likes of Tuam, Kenny Park and Pearse Stadium are open to our players and supporters to enjoy".

Each Local authority across Ireland has had a Community Champion appointed in recent weeks. Through Community mobilisation, the aim of the programme is to make sure that those cocooning and people with additional needs have access to the highest quality information and support. If you need help, want to help, or are already helping please contact your Community Champion, Brendan Mulry for Galway City on 087 2194243, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Steve Dolan for Galway County on 087 4068766 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By Cian O'Connell

The Galway Senior Hurling Championship was due to commence on Saturday, but two Corribside clubs united to fundraise money for front line workers.

Two former All Ireland champions, Clarinbridge and Sarsfields, combined with more than €3,000 already secured to purchase food supplies and personal protective equipment for those working in University Hospital Galway and Portuiuncla Hospital, Ballinasloe.

"It was an initiative one of the lads, Ger Conolin, came up with," Clarbinbridge Chairman Bernie Conlon explains. 

"We were to play yesterday morning (Sunday) and we just wondered whether the two clubs could join together.

"I contacted Sarsfields, Michael Hynes is their Chairman. He ran it by a few of his club members in the executive and they were delighted to come onboard.

"We set up the gofundme page and we put it across our Twitter and Facebook. It snowballed really. Other clubs might do it going forward."

The reaction has been very positive with Clarinbrige and the Sarsfields clubs delighted to contribute during this testing time.

"It has worked out and it was just a matter of seeing what we could raise then," Conlon adds. "A lot of the Sarsfields people would be nearer to Portuniuncla Hospital and it is also for University Hospital Galway.

"If people were going to a game obviously you'd be paying in at the gate, so why not donate something."




Galway County Council is co-ordinating local organisations to assist citizens during Covid-19

At the instigation of Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, Eoghan Murphy a Covid-19 Community Response Forum will be put in place for each County and will be co-ordinated by the Local Authority in each case.

A dedicated community support helpline will be established in Galway County Council to assist at-risk members of the public in accessing non-emergency and non-medical supports and advice during the current public health emergency. The confidential phoneline service is being established by the new COVID-19 Galway Council Community Response Forum, which includes over a dozen agencies and organisations. The helpline is focused primarily on ensuring that vulnerable members of the community or those living alone can access deliveries of groceries, medicine and fuels. The role of the Forum is to ensure that there is a co-ordinated community response and to enable all voluntary statutory agencies to collaborate in support of our communities and particularly of our most vulnerable members.

Included in the COVID-19 Galway County Council Community Response Forum are:

  • Galway County Council
  • Health Service Executive
  • An Garda Síochána
  • Local Development Agencies
  • Other community, voluntary and sports representatives

The new phoneline is just one aspect of the Forum’s work. Its core aim is contributing to the community-wide effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. Galway County Council through this group, will ensure that the wide variety of groups working across County Galway to assist those in need, will do so in an organised, collaborative and targeted way.  The Council’s COVID-19 Community Response Forum is there to ensure the very best use of the many resources assisting vulnerable persons with their daily needs at this unprecedented time, whether that is collecting medication, food shopping, social support and contact.

Cathaoirleach Cllr. Jimmy McClearn  “This public health crisis has changed life for so many, and we are there to help with that change.  The role that Galway County Council will play in leading the Community response will ensure that there is a co-ordinated all County response in support of our communities and particularly of our most vulnerable members.

Chief Executive of Galway County Council Kevin Kelly explains  “The response locally to date has been enormous, we have seen local groups and local development groups, An Gardai, GAA and other local businesses and many local volunteers working hard to take care of their communities. Galway County Council is ideally placed both statutorily and regionally to channel this great work and provide the governance structure in partnership with all stakeholders.  Our staff whose day-jobs have changed due to this crisis, will be a key resource in the management and operation of this community support programme in collaboration with our partner agencies/groups.”

Set to come into effect from Monday 30th March, Galway County Council is providing a dedicated contact number 091-509390 or Freephone 1800 92 88 94 with the lines open from 9.00am to 6.00pm seven days per week, Monday through to Sunday, emails can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact details of this new service will be promoted on the Galway County Council website and Social Media Channels.  An information leaflet including the new phone number and other information will be distributed around the County particularly to vulnerable households, over the coming days.

For all Media Queries:

Contact: Eímear Dolan, 087-7987738 / 091-509334 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Economic, Rural and Community Development Unit, Galway County Council





Comhairle Chontae na Gaillimhe i mbun comhordú ar eagraíochtaí chun cuidiú le saoránaigh le linn Covid-19

Ar spreagadh ón Aire Tithíochta, Pleanála agus Rialtais Áitiúil, Eoghan Murphy déanfar Fóram Freagartha Pobail Covid-19 a bhunú i ngach contae arna chomhordú ag gach Údarás Áitiúil i ngach cás.

Déanfar líne chabhrach tacaíochta tiomanta a bhunú i gComhairle Chontae na Gaillimhe chun cuidiú le daoine sa phobal atá i mbaol teacht ar chúnamh, cúnamh nach mbaineann le cúrsaí éigeandála ná leighis, agus ar chomhairle le linn na héigeandála sláinte poiblí atá ann faoi láthair. Tá an tseirbhís fóin a bheidh faoi rún á bunú ag Fóram Freagartha Pobail Chomhairle Chontae na Gaillimhe i leith Covid-19 ina bhfuil breis is dhá eagraíocht agus ghníomhaireacht déag páirteach ann. Tá an líne chabhrach dírithe den chuid is mó ar a chinntiú go mbeidh daoine leochaileacha sa phobal nó iadsan atá ina gcónaí leo féin ábalta teacht ar bhia, ar chógas agus ar bhreosla. Is é ról an Fhóraim a chinntiú go bhfuil freagra comhordaithe ann don phobal agus a chur ar chumas gach gníomhaireacht reachtúil deonach comhoibriú chun tacú lenár gcuid pobal agus go háirithe na daoine is leochailí ann.

I measc na n-eagraíochtaí atá ar Fhóram Pobail Chomhairle Chontae na Gaillimhe tá:

· Comhairle Chontae na Gaillimhe

· Feidhmeannacht na Seirbhíse Sláinte

· An Garda Síochána

· Gníomhaireachtaí Forbartha Áitiúla

· Ionadaithe pobail, deonacha agus spóirt eile

 Níl sa líne fóin ach gné amháin d’obair an Fhóraim. An aidhm is mó atá leis cuidiú leis an dícheall ar fud an phobail scaipeadh Covid-19 a mhaolú. Cinnteoidh Comhairle Chontae na Gaillimhe, tríd an ngrúpa seo, go gcuideoidh réimse leathan grúpaí ar fud Chontae na Gaillimhe leo sin atá i gcruachás agus go ndéanfar sin ar bhealach atá eagraithe, comhoibríoch agus dírithe. Tá Fóram Freagartha Pobail COVID-19 na Comhairle ann chun a chinntiú go mbainfear an leas is fearr as na hacmhainní go leor atá ann a chuidíonn le daoine leochaileacha leis na riachtanais a bhíonn acu ó lá go lá le linn na géarchéime seo cibé an cógas a bhailiú, bia a cheannach, tacaíocht shóisialta nó teagmháil atá i gceist.

Dúirt an Cathaoirleach, an Comhairleoir Jimmy McClearn “Tá athrú ar an saol do go leor daoine mar gheall ar an ngéarchéim sláinte poiblí seo agus táimidne anseo chun cuidiú leis an athrú sin. Cinnteoidh Comhairle Chontae na Gaillimhe sa ról a imreoidh sí chun an freagra seo a stiúradh go bhfuil an freagra ar fud an chontae chun cuidiú le pobail agus go háirithe na daoine is leochailí sa phobal á tabhairt ar bhealach atá comhordaithe.”

Mhínigh Príomhfheidhmeannach Chomhairle Chontae na Gaillimhe Kevin Kelly “Tá freagra ollmhór tugtha go dtí seo. Tá grúpaí áitiúla agus grúpaí forbartha pobail, na Gardaí, CLG agus gnólachtaí áitiúil agus go leor oibrithe deonacha go obair go dícheallach chun aire a thabhairt don phobal. Tá Comhairle Chontae na Gaillimhe san áit cheart ó thaobh an réigiúin agus na reachtaíochta chun tabhairt faoin dea-obair seo agus chun struchtúr rialaithe a chur ar fáil i gcomhpháirt leis na páirtithe leasmhara. Beidh baill foirne, a bhfuil athrú tagtha ar an obair a bhíodh ar bun acu gach lá, ar na príomhacmhainní chun an clár tacaíochta pobail seo a bhainistiú agus a chur i bhfeidhm agus sin á dhéanamh i gcomhar leis na gníomhaireachtaí/grúpaí atá i bpáirt linn.

Tá Comhairle Chontae na Gaillimhe ag cur uimhir theagmhála thiomanta ar fáil 091-509390 nó Saorghlao 1800 92 88 94. 7 days per week Monday through to Sunday. Tiocfaidh an líne i bhfeidhm ón Luan an 30 Márta agus beidh na línte oscailte ón 9.00am go dtí 6.00pm 7 lá na seachtaine ó Luan go Domhnach agus R-Piost This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Déanfar sonraí na seirbhíse nua a fhógairt ar láithreán gréasáin Chomhairle Chontae na Gaillimhe agus ar Chainéil Meán Sóisialta. Déanfar bileog eolais ar a mbeidh an uimhir nua fóin agus eolas eile a scaipeadh ar fud an chontae sna laethanta atá romhainn - go háirithe ar thithe a bhfuil duine leochaileach iontu.


Maidir le Fiosruithe ó na Meáin, Déan Teagmháil le:

Eímear Dolan, 087-7987738/091-509334 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A chairde,

I wish to draw your attention again to our previously issued guidance document of March 20th.

We advised you that, until March 29th, games and training were suspended, club gyms were to close, and Player Injury Fund cover was suspended.  

We subsequently instructed that club bars should also close for the period.


Club Operations

Please be advised that, in line with recent government announcements, these measures and closures are now extended to Sunday April 19 inclusive, at which stage arrangements will be reviewed. 

In addition, we are now instructing GAA Clubs to close their facilities completely.

This is to include the use of all pitches and property for recreational purposes, including walking, casual games or gatherings.

Where it is not possible to restrict access please erect signage to the effect that all GAA facilities are closed and all activity suspended.

In order to facilitate an orderly resumption of activities when circumstances permit, Clubs are encouraged to proceed as normal with their membership registration process where practical. Clubs of course should be mindful of the possible changed financial circumstances of members.

Similarly, club lottos may proceed if they are run on an online basis and do not involve wholesale engagement with the public.

Clubs are also advised to refrain from undertaking new capital projects while support funding for this type of work is suspended.


Community Support

As a national / international organisation, we have a part to play in emphasising the need to practice social distancing, as outlined by the authorities.

It is imperative that we exercise extreme caution keeping two metres between people when taking physical exercise while encouraging people to consider using off-peak times when they are less likely to meet others.

Attached is the latest messaging from the HSE covering guidelines around volunteering which we advise our clubs to consider as they involve themselves in community-based volunteer efforts.

Individual volunteers are asked to register with Volunteer Ireland (26 Counties) and Volunteer Now (Six Counties).

We would like to thank everyone who has helped the GAA adhere to government guidelines up to this point.

We would also like to assure you that we, and the wider GAA team across our counties and provinces, are working hard to ensure that we are in the best possible position to return to our games when that time comes.

In the meantime, please stay safe, look out for one another and continue to adhere to the instructions of the Government and the Health Authorities at this most challenging time.


Go raibh maith agaibh,


Tomás Ó Riain      Seán Ó hÓráin

Ard Stiúrthóir         Uachtarán


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