Galway GAA I.T. Strategy : Vision & Mission


Galway GAA have establised an IT subcommittee, the function of which is as follows:

• Ensure that the IT systems and infrastructure available to GAA members at all GAA venues, locations and offices are reliable, secure and fit for purpose.

Reduce the amount of time spent by volunteers, officials and staff on administrative tasks.

Ensure that IT Services are leveraged to their maximum potential and that the Association’s investment in IT systems is fully utilised.

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and adherence to best practice.

Increase the understanding that the Association has of its members and patrons and to analyse the ways in which they engage in GAA activities.

Provide mechanisms to communicate effectively and provide relevant information to GAA Units and members.

Ensure information and key digital records (i.e. match footage, minutes, etc.) are managed and maintained for future reference by all units.

Support, advise and help all units within the GAA on all IT related matters.

For further information please contact Galway GAA I.T. Officer: Michelle Healy, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.