2017 Galway Health & Wellness Annual Report

To give an annual report to Croke Park To support Healthy clubs To deliver safe talk training to clubs To organise an event for social inclusion and social initiative events To attend Provincial Healthy clubs Forum To support clubs in phase 2 of Healthy club initiatives and plans Critical Incident Response Team: Justin Campbell and Iggy Clarke Suicide Resource officer: Mary O‘Sullivan Email: mary.osullivan@hse.ie Tel: 091 560182 Health and Wellness Seminar Our Health and Wellness Seminar was held on November 14th in Loughrea Hotel. At this seminar we launched our county critical incident plan. This was launched by our County Chairman Pat Kearney. The MC for the evening was Darren Frehill. Noel Lane Chairman of the Baireoiri explained that this seminar originated with the Baireoiri some two years ago. Stacey Cahill represented Croke Park and fully endorsed our initiative. Mickey Harte from Tyrone was our keynote speaker. The interview panel consisted of Jeffrey Lynskey, Brian Silke, Noel Larkin, Mickey Harte, Mary Moloney, Laura Sheehan. The critical incident response plan and the club Health and Wellbeing Manual was distributed to all clubs present. This Health and Wellness seminar was generously sponsored by Medtronic and we extend our grateful appreciation to them for backing and endorsing our initiative. Integrated Critical Response Team We have met with Martin Greaney, Clare Gormally and Mary o Sullivan with a view to setting up an integrated Galway critical incident response in conjunction with the HSE. Mary o Sullivan will provide safe talk training sessions for all clubs. mary.osullivan@hse.ie Phone 091 560182 Croi Meeting We met with Croi to explore ways of working together to support clubs around Cardiac Screening. Connaught Meetings Justin and Iggy attended a Connaught Health and Wellness meeting in the Connaught centre of excellence Bekan, Claremorris on April 6th. Ruth, Iggy and Mick judge attended the second Connaught meeting on October 3rd 2017. Mick Judge is the Galway representative on the Connaught Health and Wellbeing committee. Healthy Club Officer Training Justin and Iggy have trained 60 Healthy Club officers in Galway. We are planning our next Healthy Club officer training for Caherlistrane early in the new year. Future Plans We plan to provide safe talks for all interested clubs in Galway. We hope to complete some social initiative for ex players and community members. Signed: Iggy Clarke & Ruth Mulkerrins